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This lets you send unique dubbed selfie videos to your friends

This lets you send unique dubbed selfie videos to your friends

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Program license: Free

Program by: Mobile Motion

Version: 4.8.0

Works under: Android


Program license

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Mobile Motion


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Dubsmash is a video recording and editing app that performs a single function, and that function is to play a soundbite that the user then records a video of them lip-syncing or 'dubbing' over the soundbite. It is incredibly fun to use this app to send your friends and family short and quirky videos with a hilarious twist.

Using this app is quite simple. First, the user will be asked to select a soundbite from a list of available options broken down by genre. Then the user is given the opportunity to record a video, and that video can either be of the user lip-syncing over the sound or doing anything else they decide would be funny. Once the video is complete, a single button will mash the two pieces together, creating a video with the audio of the selected soundbite. Users who want to share the video can do so with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, which are the only options for sharing in the current version. The videos can also be saved to the Android device for later use or viewing. Any problems with the video can also be tweaked to optimize its playability.

What's great about the app is that it doesn't only offer musical soundbites. There are hundreds of soundbites that are taken from a number of pop culture sources, like TV shows, movies, radio shows, and other forms of entertainment. To help with finding the perfect soundbite for any situation, they are put into categories like Hangover, Action Heroes, Pick Up Lines, and Chick Flicks. Users who want to create their own soundbites can do so using the microphone built into the phone, and it is even possible to insert stickers and text to the final video product to customize it even further.

Saved videos and sounds are organized in Soundboards that are completely customizable and easy to use. This helps the user find anything they need within their archives quickly and conveniently.

One downside to the app is that there is no timer to let you know when video recording is going to start. You simply have to jump straight into the scene, and the beginnings of the videos recorded in the app can not be edited out, so be sure that you're prepared to start before you initiate the process.

In some instances, the app is a bit glitchy as well, but most issues can be easily solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Users who don't want to go through that hassle for the simple functionality of the app could be frustrated, but the results are generally positive once the app is properly prepared. In some cases, dubbed videos never reach the finalized step in the process, so they must be redone. The interface is fundamental and doesn't draw much attention, and there are few options for customizing how the app works.


  • Inventive Concept
  • Intuitive Utility
  • Fun Communication


  • Occasional Video Glitches
  • Few Options For Sharing